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JCruz 1-on-1

A 30-Day Coaching Bootcamp custom to your goals to build you a step by step guide to your success.


The Results Speak For Themselves

See how I was able to turn my passion for recording & mixing music into a 6 figure business with only 7 Youtube videos!


Now I Want To Help You Reach YOUR Goals 🎯

  • Finally be confident in your music process
  • Grow your brand and build a reliable fan base
  • Begin to generate passive income from your skills

Having a mentor can make all the difference. We’ll cover it all in my 30 Day VIP Coaching Bootcamp.

Pick From One Of These Topics:

  • Learn how to develop a workflow that works for you and with your gear to get you consistent results you are excited about.


  • We will create a custom mixing template & walking you through a mix step-by-step of your own song.


  • Learn a recording process that helps you get ideas from your head into your DAW effortlessly. 


  • I will make you your very own custom recording presets & teach you production techniques tailored to your unique style.


  • Learn how to produce professional video for Podcasts, Youtube, or business-related content creation.


  • I will teach you my exact methods for getting a professional look for your video in your specific room with your gear.


  • Learn my exact formula to turn your Passion into a Paycheck and start making money online with your unique skills.


  • Get a step-by-step guide on how to build an audience with your OWN brand online & earn your first $1000.


Each of these topics will be a 30-day Bootcamp including:

  • 1 Hour Long On Boarding Call + 4x hour long 1-on-1 Calls weekly (or visits if local) to work together on an assignment

  • Access to my Masterclass: Homemade Hip Hop & Private Community (if not already a member)
  • Customized personal homework assignments weekly
  • Access to me for questions at any time
  • What to do next steps for after the 30 days are up

The Coaching Process:

  1. In our first call, we will do a deep dive into your goals and where you aim to be. This is where we discover your strategy and can begin to build your roadmap together.
  2. After 48 hours, Ill deliver your customized step by step guide to you in our next 1-on-1 session and begin to cover the topics for week 1.
  3. You will dive into your weekly homework assignments where you will begin to apply your newly learned skills from our 1-on-1 calls. These assignments will be customized to tailer your specific needs and get you in the direction of your end goal.
  4. Each hour long session will include us going over what you did the previous week, me providing feedback and any help needed with those topics, and then moving into the next weeks topics.
  5. At the end of the program there will be one final assignment to we do together to officially launch you into your new journey to success. Here we will cover the steps you can work on next to keep you going long after these first 30 days.

Yes, It Really Is Possible!

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